Burgers 100% Aberdeen Angus

200g of the Finest Black Angus Beef minced and seasoned to perfection, makes it the best hand
crafted Burger in the world! Served in a Toasted Golden Sesame Bun with Horseradish Mayo, Crispy Green Lettuce, Tomato and Sliced Onions. Coleslaw and Plenty of Crispy Seasoned Fries
Native Original American
Our Delicious Thick and Juicy Beef Burger served with Onion Rings
Jack Cheese Burger
All-time Favorite Burger with melted Jack Cheese
The Mushroom Bacon
Cheese Burger
Sautéed Mushroom and Crispy Bacon covered with melted Jack Cheese
Legendary Bacon Cheese Burger
Our mouthwatering Beef Patty covered with melted Jack Cheese topped with Crispy Bacon and Fried Onions
El Diablo Burger (Spicy)
Thick and Juicy Burger covered with Cheese, chopped Jalapenos, Sliced Chili Peppers served and the last touch Louisiana Spicy Wings
Rib Ticker Burger
Beef Burger topped with our awesome Pork Ribs, Mustard and BBQ sauce
Texas Chili Con Carne Burger
It‘s Famous and its hot! Flamed Grill Juicy Burger covered with Chili Con Carne, melted Jack Cheese, Fried Onions and a Garnish of Fried Tortilla
Hangover Burger
Chargrilled Beef Patty with Bacon strips, melted Jack Cheese, Fried Egg, finished with Grilled Sausage
Mexican Cheese Burger
Supremely packed with Big and Bold Flavors. The flavor is in the meat, so every bite is savory and delicious. Served with plenty of toppings such as Guacamole, Salsa, Onions, Jack Cheese and Tortilla Nachos